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samantha saint, blonde, model, porn star, sexy, tits, ass, pussy, wet, pool, water, boobs, big tits, tanned, shaved pussy, labia, doggy, spread labia

the legat16 August 2018, 21:25( comments: 1914 )

P.S. either you buy Photoshop 9/10 very cheap on ebay , after you get upgrade free! or photscape ...


gloria sol, aaliyah, penelope y, sofieq, sofiya oleinik, sophie, model, brunette, sensual lips, leather jacket, red bra, bra, red panties, panties, high heels, lingerie, no nude

the legat16 August 2018, 21:19( comments: 1914 )

Exactly what i like! Thx!

leandrea rogers, red bike, playboy, sexy, ass, tits, floor, boots, kneeling, doggy, pussy, leather, boots, leather chaps, arse, rump, nice rack

the legat16 August 2018, 20:56( comments: 1914 )

Nope Max ... if you have a scanner at home ... buy a playboy or whatever & scan it , looks exactly like this! 

check the tag "magazine scan" :)

alisa i, alisa, jessica albanka, brunette, beach, naked, big tits, nipples, shaved pussy, tanned, smile, hi-q, sea, alisa amore

the legat16 August 2018, 20:49( comments: 1914 )

PhotoSHopped if you write it correct , like 95% of the walls & pics which is uploaded here ! just for knowledge!

sapphira, sapphira a, model, dark hair, long hair, smile, undies, underwear, fishnet, ass, no nude

the legat16 August 2018, 20:35( comments: 1914 )

i would love to tag " ass wallpaper " .... dont want to risk a ban , already used it 15 times today :)

nice one ! like always !

samantha saint, blonde, model, porn star, sexy, tits, ass, pussy, wet, pool, water, boobs, big tits, tanned, shaved pussy, labia, doggy, spread labia

the legat16 August 2018, 20:27( comments: 1914 )

that is kinda hobby for some noobs here Max . but before you say "wallpaper" .... cut it & make some!

In the moment you upload VERY nice pictures! get a free program & start to work before upload!

Just a kind advise!

isabelle, brunette, sexy, standing, sexy lingerie, tanned, fetish

the legat16 August 2018, 20:16( comments: 1914 )

Fetish Babes ? ... :)

heather, model, girl, legs, heels, sunglasses, standing, desert

the legat16 August 2018, 20:13( comments: 1914 )

very nice add! and congrats ... seems you have haterz already! i wont vote it down!

fetish queen vanessa, slim, sexy, german, domina, fetish model, bed, rubber, slave boots, fetish babe, vanessa

the legat16 August 2018, 20:10( comments: 1914 )

and she whipe your azz while you do ;)

foxy di, teen, sex, fuck, ass, dick, pussy, brunette, cock

the legat16 August 2018, 20:07( comments: 1914 )

same here , this is original "photshopped! ... remove the tag "bad quality" .... 

riley reid, brunette, hat, naked, doggy, small tits, bush, pussy, labia, ass, high heels, boobs, hard nipples, bad quality

the legat16 August 2018, 20:05( comments: 1914 )

really nice "hat" by the way! whoever added "bad quality" ... go , buy some glasses!

tits, boobs, hot, sexy, stockings, big tits, legs

the legat16 August 2018, 20:03( comments: 1914 )

AND this might go to : Fetish Babes ?

boobs, tits, asian, bikini, pool, hot, wet, big tits, vicki li

the legat16 August 2018, 20:00( comments: 1914 )

This is a very nice red bikini :o

deebee ashby, busty, retro, pornstar, scoreland, shiny, pvc, hot, decollete, sexy, fetish babe, posing, smile, debee ashby, 80s pornstar, natural big tits

the legat16 August 2018, 19:43( comments: 1914 )

Hello dear Admin! Just kindly said , before deleting stuff like

"scoreland" + "suze" + "private" + "playboy" classics ,

plz be so kind and always think ....

this is old stuff ANALOG Camera, mostly scanned from the original Magazin! 

Not much Wallpaper-sites have these adds ! 

I dont just say this for my walls , we got a lot here thats worth to keep!

Anyway , after long time in hospital, greetz to all I know, lets keep on loading up! :)

high heels, legs, model, ass, beautiful, suze classics, alektra blue, babes in boots

the legat16 August 2018, 19:36( comments: 1914 )

nice add SL , if you have more Suze Classics ... PLZ! have a look to "fetish babes" :)

viola bailey, boobs, nipples, 4k, black and white, big tits

the legat02 December 2017, 20:36( comments: 1914 )

i like it so far ... contrast is fine , picture clear! .... maybe brightness a 'lil lower ... B&W is hard .... check this tag " black and white " .... some interesting walls in it!

viola bailey, spread, boobs, pussy, 4k, photoshopped, super boobs, tasty, shaved, cunt, i would nail this hard

the legat02 December 2017, 19:06( comments: 1914 )

haha , do have the same desk ..... u play fine with the coclors , 

some hate what they cannot do theirselves!


adriana lima, brazilian, supermodel, dream babe, shiny, rubber, fetish, pirelli calendar, widescreen cut, minimalist wall, own cut, latex, hood, fetish babe

the legat02 December 2017, 19:04( comments: 1914 )

Getting Haterz is getting attention ..... unfortunately these people focus their "bad energy" & frustration in our direction instead of

making their own life better. I love my Haterz, is all they need! :))))