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bobsaget505014 November 2018, 21:44( comments: 3 )

Best Duracell add ever!

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alpha_101014 November 2018, 20:03( comments: 25 )

Photoshop isn't something you master in a short time. I made many mistakes, just look at all my pics. One learns and gets better. Thanks btw for the comment.

boobs, panties, 8k, lingerie, white lingerie, bra, viola bailey

xerses14 November 2018, 00:07( comments: 13 )

yes I can understand you.Sometimes even 16 giga of RAM aren't enough, especially if you are working on huge files , though , your work is extremely good, really.

boobs, panties, 8k, lingerie, white lingerie, bra, viola bailey

alpha_101013 November 2018, 08:22( comments: 25 )

It was more of a experiment. Does take a lot of processing power. I'll try to make more in future.

boobs, panties, 8k, lingerie, white lingerie, bra, viola bailey

xerses12 November 2018, 22:39( comments: 13 )

The result is really remarkable and the white backgroung can help a lot since there are not depth of field or cromatic abberations to fix . I can watch your 8K wallpapers by a 5k or retina monitor and the quality is outstanding.

boobs, panties, 8k, lingerie, white lingerie, bra, viola bailey

alpha_101012 November 2018, 21:08( comments: 25 )

I use Photoshop to increase the image size. I try to remove as many artifacts as I can but PS does have to fill in the gaps. And no i use 1080p monitor.

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tonid12 November 2018, 03:31( comments: 3 )

nice work

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xerses12 November 2018, 01:59( comments: 13 )

do you edit 8k wallpaper by a software and before to upload it do you watch it by a 8k monitor ? 

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obelisk08 November 2018, 15:13( comments: 4 )

Dam right!

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obelisk08 November 2018, 13:48( comments: 4 )

Now that's a nice pussycat!

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obelisk05 November 2018, 11:35( comments: 4 )

I wish public nudity and sex allowed in every society, after all we all do it and it could decrease sexual crimes and raise awareness :/
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leandro195405 November 2018, 00:01( comments: 1 )

Beutiful  big ass 

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hamid5902 November 2018, 19:11( comments: 1 )

wowwwwwwwwwwww fucking sexy

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ftoper31 October 2018, 06:40( comments: 14 )

please refer to this model as nancy ace

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ftoper30 October 2018, 01:04( comments: 14 )

Lucretia K, Rachel Blau, Cathleen, Sade Mare, Venus, Una Piccola, Viola R, Evangelina S, Susie are the ones I've identified; the girl with large breasted and red heels also the one in the middle with the short frizzy hair are a mystery to me.

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ftoper24 October 2018, 23:31( comments: 14 )

please refer to this model as 

candice brielle

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alphalicker6907 October 2018, 16:39( comments: 5 )

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alphalicker6907 October 2018, 16:38( comments: 5 )

thanks varganium